Liquid Reflections

by Ben Z & Dejection

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I want to thank everyone who supported our Indiegogo campaign and made this album possible. You people are great! I would especially like to thank our top Indiegogo supporter, Dan Rowe. Your memories of Brian will live on through your song.

Thank you to all of our collaborators and featured artists: Sphinx, One Hello World, theEditson, Jer 1, Marlene Johnson, John GG Tucker, Amethyst Audio, Chris Bliss

Radu, collaborating with you was amazing! Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!

Thanks for support to: Ethan, Adam, Claire, Mom, Dad, and all my friends and family who have supported me through the years.

Finally, I want to thank my wife and kids who are my main inspiration. I love you!

-Ben Z

I´d like to thank: Maik (One Love!), Mama, Daddy, Oana, Noah, Lene & Günther, Kiki, Alexander, Uwe, Serap, Cristiane, Sultan, Tanja, Jens, Thomas, Ralf, Isa & Matthias, Claudia, Marcus, Marcel

Special thanks to: Ben Z (You've changed my life friend!), our indiegogo supporters, Sphinx Guiliano, One Hello World, Dr. B, theEditson, Chriss Bliss, Jer1, Laura Zastrow, John GG Tucker, Dan Rowe, Di Version, Marank, cKretz, Jay, Till, Patrick, Timo (RIP), Leandro Costa, Marlene Johnson and everyone else who supported me in the past.



released August 7, 2012

All tracks produced by Dejection except collaborative production with:
4. John GG Tucker
6. theEditson
8. Ben Z
15. One Hello World
19. One Hello World

All lyrics written and performed by Ben Z except collaborations on:
3. vocals with Laura Z
4. lyrics and vocals with Sphinx Guiliano
6. lyrics and vocals with theEditson
9. lyrics with Radu Lutz, vocals with Marlene Johnson
10. lyrical input with Dan Rowe
11. lyrics and vocals with Jer 1 of Figureheads

Executive producers: Ben Z and Dejection
Head engineers: Ben Z and Dejection
Assistant engineer: Kyle Papendieck
Mastering by: Nik of Amethyst Audio Nottingham, UK
Art and design by: Chris Bliss Nottingham, UK

©2012 Ben Z and Dejection. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Ben Z & Dejection Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Liquid Reflections (Intro)

Verse 1
born into this world
without a clue or a plan
the only way to make it
is through a helping hand
naked and you're cold
and you cannot stand
we are thrown into our life
into the rudeness of man
then slowly we grow
into the youth of the land
eagerly discovering the
beautiful grand
place that we dwell
from the moon to the sands
until you desire
no you, demand
to be older be free
to- be grown and
want to drive, want to fly
treated equal man
then comes love
will it indeed withstand
a lifetime of joy
pain and peace intact
with your heart left whole
and no pieces cracked
work for your years
you will see this pass
till you're old and tired
and indeed look back
what will you see
will you be pleased with that?

Verse 2
left to decipher
we are left to learn
use our intelligence
and must discern
life's events until
we're in that urn
or down wherever
we rest in earth
will our legacy live on
and give new birth
will the future love life
and understand their worth
will they carry the baton
and maybe further our work
or will they repeat our pain
and revive our hurts
repeat our pain
and revive our hurts
repeat our pain
and revive our hurts
are we not even the ones
to survive this first
work under the sun
toil strive and thirst
yet live knowing love
deep inside we yearn
for completion or an answer
as to why we learn
what it is to be a human
this is my concern
that we never come close
by time we adjourn

meanwhile now
all I see
are liquid reflections
staring at me
Track Name: Reflect

Verse 1
perfect song
for your jogging mix
but if you're in the car
road raging maybe hit skip
woo woop
ohhhh iiissshhhh.....
got stopped by a cop
who clocked you twenty six
over the limit
and now you're about to go and get it
cause the officer had written
you out a big ticket
but you try to explain
plead the reason why you did it
“well officer...
I was going kind of quick
cause this track is a hit
and I didn't press skip
with Dejection's rhythm
and the way Ben spits
put the peddle to the metal
with a white knuckle grip
I was stuck in the zone
and I didn't notice
didn't think it was that fast
in my Ford Focus”
she said “Please
I'll throw the book you'll get hit
Here's your ticket with the court date
you now owe this
when you play their track
man you take that risk”

Verse 2
begin with a grin
when I start over again
wind on my skin
I'ma go in for the win
lyrically I'll put it
down and go all in
empirically I own the
sound and take it for a spin
so tell your mother tell your friend
and go and tell your next of kin
tell another yet again
how I go and flap my chin
when I write with the pen
I'm hoping that your listening
this flow is it
yo go and get your order in
this cat outta Madison
is a master with his gift
so sick with the rapping
immaculate when he spits
except when he stutters
or maybe even forgets

I think
I lost my step
did I forget
I'm really stressed
I think
that I will jet...
I need
to go reflect
and see
golden sunset
and leave
my old regrets
and hold reset

Verse 3
I'm not like Scrooge
I'm a nice type dude
cool breezer
to learn something new
I'm eager
wanna chat about you
we'll chill leisure
Reminiscent mood
popsicle freezer
hip hip
I'll bump Wheezer
remember watching Doug
with his friend Skeeter?
This nostalgic mood
is a crowd pleaser
but this is for my people
pushing beaters
driving a car
with a broken heater
flipped off by the guy
in his brand new Beamer
hold up
was that Derek Jeter?
kind of hard to tell
through the plastic sheet there
window busted out
duct taped for repair
Ben Z and Dejection
get it and we care
cause we know how hard
it is-to be there

Today is a good day to
chilling by the water for the
letting go of all of our
this time is prime
to rewind and reset
Track Name: Echoes of You

Verse 1
you're sweet like a mango
close we tango
for you Columbus
the King of Spain go
but me I've got you
and I'm like dang yo
first as teens
but we're grown now mang yo
I give you my life
it's never the same old
holding you up
nope not like a lame goat
shining with a beauty
yup like a rainbow
I promise you girl
stay till we're way old
we'll be the ones
that they write in fables
I'll do my best
to provide, stay stable
and if my legs
will become lame yo
till our death
I'll do all I'm able
all I can
till I'm an angel
protect you keep
you out the tangled
even if I fight
a tiger Bengal
this love is real
geometric angle

Verse 2
You and I
Make we
we've aligned
and realized our dream
we combine
and get inside get free
breathe in time
tied minds marry
You and I
Make we
we survive
unified it seems
please be mine
ride as a team
cause in my mind
she's highly esteemed
no word in my mind
I could use to describe
left dumbfound
and I can't even rhyme
the glisten in her eyes
man is just like shines
future times
showing you and I
It goes on infinite
just like pi
hope she feels the same
for this guy
I stash for the long
haul won't run dry
love is a choice
and I will supply

Echos of you
reflections of me
together we tango
especially see
when we move like the breeze
go with the flow
you and I become we
Track Name: Not Just Who you See feat. Sphinx Guiliano

Verse 1
I'm really not who you
think that I am, am I?
You see me on the street
and you think you know that guy
I say don't be rude
and you think that I'm a rabbi
I say I love my food
and you think that I'm a fat guy
I stand for the truth
you think I'll get a black eye
now I'm a pacifist
I used to be a bad guy
seek my freedom
can't live with a trapped mind
I love my family
work hard stay on that grind
I'm more than twitter
and more than my facebook
I'm more than my second
high school's year book
I'm more than what you thought
you saw with the first look
I'm more than just a rapper
I like to garden and cook
I'm more than the lyrics
in all of my rap books
I'm more than pop music
but I still write dope hooks
I've been a liar, thief,
and I've been a crook
but now a husband and father
giving more than I took

Verse 2
we've all been through it
and we've all had struggle
pressure on our plane of life
and we're about to buckle
pleasure plus pain and strife
emotionally muffled
the complexity of life
we have to juggle
we all have moments
where we laugh and chuckle
and we all have times
when the pain feels doubled
we pass each other
in the hustle and bustle
and all we see
is once piece of the puzzle

Verse 3 (Sphinx)
lyrics not available...

I am not
just who you see
there is more
than that to me
like true person-
we all have our
Track Name: Circumstances

Verse 1
I look to the future
and I'll tell you what's there
unlimited potential
but only if you dare
dream and wonder
and reach out with care
the world you wish
you must work to share
be what you want to see
and live with a flare
shining bright through the nights
showing others you care
define your purpose
and forget the stares
reject those glares
keep climbing those stairs
up even higher in the mountain air
your potential exponentially rare
you're the only one that's got it
time to wake up be aware
don't wallow it away
get your broken heart repaired
focus on the wonderful
forget what's elsewhere
be a blessing to each other
with much love to spare
cause it sucks living stuck
in mud with despair
don't ever let your pain
or your hate be a snare

Verse 2
you see a mess
I see the collage
you breath the stress
I say let it massage
work those knots
and will dislodge
all of the phony
and fake garbage
that makes your
blurry life a mirage
like cleaning clutter
from a cramped garage
prioritize life like triage
but be aware of life's barrage
cause circumstances can sabotage
if you're chilling not ready
and you don't know how to dodge
run a ship like that
and you'll never leave the dock
you'll be stuck on shore
with a sea gull flock
sea shells and rocks
with your journey stopped
we'd all rather break
one bottle on the bow
with one on deck
take the cork and pop
as the whole world cheers
out bon voyage!

circumstances can control
but don't back down keep dreaming bold
time won't stop and it will not slow
it's up to you to press on and go

ever since you were young with dreams
circumstances tried to stop your steam
snuff your flame and impede your beam
try to force you to break your seams
but me, Ben Z, believe, that we,
all need, to dream, and be, living free
Track Name: Interlude feat. theEditson

Verse 1
the luminescence
of a rising crescent
the moon at night
in the sky so present
time to fly
with a joy incessant
aim for the win
like show contestant
change to your grin
like your on the guest list
move with a spin
who would dare to test this
cause we've been restless
stressed feeling pressed
do our best to collect
our breath since breakfast
with flows I will wreck this
just to resurrect it
so know when I bless this
mic you're where the best is
Liquid Reflecting
yo it's eclectic
listen inspect it
dance with your steps then
go and invest in
this independent
underground music
before it's a vestige
free your infected
head from the septic
poisonous messes
of all that is less than

jump in with the double time
double trouble double rhyme
coming from the rubble I'm
gonna free another mind
another line synchronized
perfectly with drummer's time
in on bar number five
Editson, the friend of mine

Verse 2 (theEditson)
It's my turn
gotta rock the show now
is what I've got to hold down
feelin' strong
I can fill the role now
The only one man
who could take the whole town
But then I give it back
No reigns for me
or I get off track
Focused on the real
let the rest be that
Got credit in an EP
The Technocrats
And now I'm on
Liquid Reflections
Me & Ben Z
and the kid Dejection
Music was the goal
and we stayed invested
All Interest
to the interested
Even if I'm
tired and restless
I'll work my skill
till I'm off the guest list
So I don't care
what you're guess is
Beats only drop
when you've shown what best is
Track Name: Speak Deep

Verse 1
I'm ready to dive
into the desolate places
the dark and deserted
most vacant of spaces
when I as an emcee
speak I seek changes
why, cause I've seen
some scenes obscene tainted
for CEO payment
no better than a rapist
human rights choked
with literal enslavement
the system is sacred
to these greedy takers
they're sainted by Satan
stained but stay famous
their lies have nine lives
but I've got nine knives
and I'm ready to strike
with my wise rhyme lines
I won't be bought
I despise thy brides
strong with my will
like a rhino's spine
I'll use my voice
like a beacon to shine
persist till the time
when they cease their crime
you claim you didn't know
well, perceive your sign
eradicate your ignorance
and grieve your find

I try
to speak
deep but
see we
have mis -
so I go back
to what I was saying
I try
to speak
deep but
see we
have mis-
so I go back
to what I was saying

Verse 2
I'm a scholar and philosopher
writer and I rock the verbs
honest with my moniker
this beat, I'm on it, murked
me? a ponderer
and destiny, I'm on to her
matter fact, fond of her
sideways hollow smirk
sometimes wollower
but never been a follower
even when I'm in the dirt
or soaking in a pond of hurt
money-oh you got a purse?
how much is a Honda worth?
less than my life
so I write like I'm bout to burst
ignite with insight
in flight when I'm on the verse
that's right my stripes
and slices with honor earned
tempted to fight
through the mic but I done returned
Wisco, I'm from
like that cat called Bon Iver
or Bon Iver
got my lonely stare
on the phony stairs
to the throne we bear
just lowly here
with the gold we wear
and it's fully rare
that we know we care
but I boldly dare
to go grow peace there
as the homies stare
like “don't be scared”
till they wake up tied
with a rope to chair
and a glowing flare
cause they owe their share

Verse 3
all around the world I look
another new perspective
amazing that humanity
can form this great collective
if we would just stop and
take in each other's lessons
cause we all are similar
looking like our reflections
I dream of a day
when peace defeats the skeptics
dawn does break
and the armies have slept in
every baby loved
has some arms to rest in
and profit sits back
while love we all invest in
Track Name: On My Travels

yo, this is for every person
walking this earth, with a burden
on your back
you feel that it's strapped
and your knee caps might collapse
and when you look back
on the path of your past
all you see is a-a
shattered broken glass
sitting there, and you wonder
what will you do
how you gonna make it through
all this pain and this pressure
but you've got nothing to loose
so you walk on this journey
struggling surviving
today, we're with you
we're right by your side
speaking through the speaker
freeing you to fully thrive

Hook #1
I'm on my travels
and on my way
I'm on my journey
like every day
I can't sleep at night
cause I'm wide awake
and I'm trying to find my way
trying to find my way out

Verse 1
see I've got an artist's mind
so I see it in the skies
the rise of your cries
from atrocities and crimes
and I wonder why
do we suffer do we die
a sign of the times
or a symptom of our minds
that a third world loss
is just a business enterprise
man I wish that I could fly
and glide
to a peaceful place to lie
and watch the clouds in the sky

Verse 2
wether a system of hate
that you wish to escape
or the loss of a loved one
that made your heart break
walls are closing in
and there's too much at stake
well I'm here with you now
I'm sorry if I'm late
life is going fast
can't go back to erase
but my craft of the raps
on the tracks bring change
you laugh and you clap
to this jam in the rain
feeling bad? Well then dance
nothing stands in the way
though your feet and your ankles
feel tied, tight, and tangled
your purpose and potential
feel slow, stuck, strangled
your vision and perspective
should align at other angles
I speak it to the microphone
I know that you are able

Hook #2
I will walk on
and won't be stopped
I will climb up
and reach the top
I will walk on
and won't be stopped
I will climb up
and reach the top

this track is for
the plight of all people
every single one
pushing back against the evil
up against the odds
like a haystack and a needle
and for those whose oppression
is considered legal
you cry out for help
but their assistance is feeble
charity's a loss
they want those profits looking regal
in my humble opinion
their business matters are fecal
they can keep their cursed ring
and live their life like Smeagol

Hook #2
I will walk on
and won't be stopped
I will climb up
and reach the top
I will walk on
and won't be stopped
I will climb up
and reach the top

Hook #1
I'm on my travels
and on my way
I'm on my journey
like every day
I can't sleep at night
cause I'm wide awake
and I'm trying to find my way
trying to find my way out
Track Name: Keep Keeping On feat. Marlene Johnson

Verse 1
the two together
they twist through time
on the town
tip top they shine
tied unified
in fact intertwined
step to the left
movement synchronized
now to the right
in their gazing eyes
exist in balance
perfect compromise
the back ground beautiful
a sun rise
but proceeding hours
sun sets by nine
with wine
and a candle light flicker
things pick up the pace
proceeds quicker
cool winds breeze by
and now they shiver
feeling pulled down
like the current of a river
warmth and love recede
icy like winter
super sonic slipping by
don't remember dinner
wake in the morning
with the frame not the pictures
once so perfect
all that's left is splinters

Verse 2
solo, solitary
stuck in confinement
singled out saddened
something is rising
up in the mind of
this one survivor
love was a blinder
now is a blunder
loud like thunder
in cloud they're under
now do wonder
is it all just over
did it fall-bulldozer
to tall tipped over
automatic door closer
stopped locked
and the path is blocked
foundation is rocked
fine wines and scotch
left to sip so lonely
if only somebody
out there would throw the
life line and pull these
up like pulley
out of the lowly, desperate and
depressed, stressed, messed, vexed
pressed stretched
place of wrecked
hearts and minds
that people accept

lonely on my own but I'ma keep keeping on
lonely and alone but I'ma keep seeking home
lonely as I go yeah, I'ma be needing hope
loneliness will choke but not me, I will grow

Bridge (Marlene)
Ist das alles was übrig bleibt?
Ist es das was von uns übrig bleibt?
Ist es Liebe die uns vereint?
Track Name: Dan's Song

Yo I write this song
this is life for so many
call it right or wrong
they return with hearts heavy
see what they've seen
should be seen by not any
when they heard they're moving out
they complied, they were ready

Verse 1
separation, deprivation
coming home and see them faces
separate nation, escalation
some in coma can't see faces
desert blazing, or it's raining
on patrol they walk those paces
feet are aching as they break in
standard issue boots with laces
mind is stagnant or it's racing
when they're in those different places
they have waited been so patient
hoping for a change in status
families home, counting days and
trying to seek out that what's sacred
hopes dreams now are tainted
cause they all are separated
every day that they awaken
see the world desecrated
they must stand up, they must face it
find the strength to not be shaken
feel alone feel forsaken
like this this time may be wasted
holiday they cannot take it
is it worth it, some debate it
dream of home smell the fragrance
of the kitchen oven baking
grab the remote, change the station
nope not now cause they are stationed
time is ticking time is taking
it's toll this time is tainted
yup and time will tell
this is tough now ain't it?

Verse 2
try to make sense
of what they saw in those days
some are left with pride
and some are left with pain
and some are just forgotten
they lie in the rain
they felt at the top
now the bottom again
by ground, by sea
or the movement of a plane
life did pivot
it will never be the same
one thing is for sure
never did it for the fame
this is life in the realest
nothing like a game
fathers and mothers and brothers
sisters and cousins and others
waiting for those letters
that are sent to their name
fathers and mothers and brothers
sisters and cousins and others
wishing for a phone call
from oceans away
fathers and mothers and brothers
sisters and cousins and others
longing for the chance
to greet their family and stay
fathers and mothers and brothers
sisters and cousins and others
dreaming of back home
yeah, that'll be the day
Track Name: Music in My Soul feat. Jer 1 of Figureheads

the music in my - blood
the music in my - soul
the music in my - mind
the music that I – hold
the music that I – love
the music that I – know
the music that I – write
the stories that I've – told

Verse 1
I awaken in a landscape
of ice and cold
but inside my passion builds
and I write what I behold
with the force of seven super
novas my expression shows
and when I cypher exponential
my writing and skill grow
like Mt. Vesuvius in movies
this volcano will blow
humans have a rhythm living
within them and it'll show
if we choke and we suppress it
watch depression kill slow
music is our native tongue
it's the language of our soul
so I focus on creating
arranging and making tapes
in the middle of the tracks
is my peaceful great escape
when you hear my song singing
you know that I'm breaking chains
send away all the pain
like the migrating of cranes
cause I struggle and I strain
live my life against the grain
cause I'm me, I'm Ben Z
unique and I'm not the same
yet uniting through the music
so we're in the same vein
got the Figurehead Jer
with the wisdom he's obtained

Verse 2 (Jer 1)
Well I've been tossing in my bed
Prequel to turning in my grave
Stuck between the possible
and predetermined I'm afraid
But still I feel the stirring
of an alternative third way
beyond the cliche
carpe diem to seize the day
it's called faith
I've been tracing its patterns
through deep caverns
And dark nights of the soul
when it felt like nothing mattered
I would write until the friction
of the pencil on the paper
I was scraping sparked a light
that ignited my inner flame
sourced in an undying realm
That expands like white sands
with crystal seashells
But I'm standing on the shores
of Lake Michigan and
it smells like dead fish again,
the wind whipping my skin
and whistling
so much for a moment of peace and quiet
for zoning and listening
to my life well, nice try
it's time for work and I don't really
feel ready but here goes
Because the grave is too late
to make the music in my soul

Verse 3
I reflect on the echo
that's going on within
I reflect on the fact
life's a mist in the wind
I reflect on the truth
of the world that I live
I reflect on the love
that I wish to not miss
and it all goes in
to make my view of life whole
it all goes in
to make the light inside glow
and it all comes out
through this microphone I hold
it all comes out
as the music in my soul
Track Name: For no Reason

Verse 1
I really want to take the mic
and rip it for no reason
I've earned the right to do it
I'm a veteran seasoned
I've worked with artists
all over the seven seas man
flowing with the oceans
way beyond the deep end
I'm putting in the hours
everyday not just the weekend
Ben Z and Dejection
yeah we're global reaching
audio acceleration
officer I'm speeding
but I'll pause right now
cause I really need to breathe in

Verse 2
I just gotta break out
rapping for no reason
except to simply get down
turn the music up
up until it pounds
then freestyle with different
styles like how
how did I do that
and how will I flow now
or maybe like the Beastie Boys
I'll go ahead and shout
no matter what I do
the track is sure to play loud
cause I've mastered the craft
and you know I'm proud

Verse 3
I'll cripple your crew
with my craft like karate
cause I come with Kung Fu
rapping crashing your party
click clack cut the crap
just verbally spar me
it's difficult for others
cause they can't flow hardly
and the mainstream rappers?
I ignore those Barbies
they're cheap like wheat
but I'll ferment that barley
get hip with the hops
man forget Bacardi
cause my underground
independent craft is hearty
and hardy and hardly
is it ever harsh
so how you gonna harm me
you should halt that farce
fool with your folly
your is skill so sparse
I lunge with my lyrics
speedy sharp like darts
and the beat is my ignition
all I need is one spark
then I start to switch
into a sword so sharp
spit with a slice
when I chase those sharks
cause their teeth can't beat
Ben Z speaking smart

if you're in the car right next to me
stopped at a red light in the street
windows rolled down you feel the heat
play this song loud till we feel the beat
Track Name: Love

Verse 1
he and she
hope to become we
but she don't know
that he is weak
and he don't know
that she has needs
should test that water
with their feet
but they dive in
right to the deep
the outcome here
it sure looks bleak
sure nuff they break
for two weeks
that love connection
seemed out of reach
both would take
selfishly leech
instead of learn
they just repeat
“when a boy finds love”
they just repeat
“or a boy meets girl”
they just repeat
“when a girl finds love”
they just repeat
“or a girl meets boy”
they just repeat
love to them
is a mystery
with age love grows
just like a tree

Verse 2
but with more age
and with more time
their love enhances
just like wine
it flows so perfect
like my rhymes
ripened now
like fruit on vines
they grow together
but yeah they still will
bump and grind
keeping it zesty
like lemon lime
everyday fresh
like the sunshine
through the windows
with open blinds
they pressed on through
their difficult times
“when a boy find love”
difficult times
“or a boy meets girl”
difficult times
“when a girl finds love”
difficult times
“or a girl meets boy”
difficult times
like hide and seek
love is hard to find
it will escape
if you do not try

when a boy finds love or a boy meets girl
a boy grows up and a boy meets world
when girl finds love or a girl meets a boy
a girl grows up and a girl seeks joy
but so many hearts are left there broken
what so many start is left cold frozen
let go of the spark and the train stops pulling
the passenger car no longer rolling
Track Name: Childhood

the sun so bright
and the night stars shining
burdens light
cloud's silver lining
new adventures
each day we're finding
the days radiate
bliss now their blinding

Verse 1
wonderful and amazing
this life that we are chasing
since youth it keeps on changing
as memories we're making
think back to the younger days we
picked dandelions and daises
intrigued by the cry of a baby
or the grass that was growing in the shade green
when your mom seemed like super lady
super man was your dad he would bravely
guard and keep you safe like a navy
with your friends you hadn't
learned to be a fraidy-
cat you'd get down to the break beat
jump to the rhythm so crazy
see these are the youthful days we
long to revisit and stay free

Verse 2
me, I have some kids
and I watch them now
without inhibition
they just get down
the simple things
will turn their frown
upside down
summersault on the ground
on the move they
all run around
their minds are racing
like churchill downs
there's much to be found
new sights, new smells
and yup new sounds
the world's their kingdom
and they make their crowns
laugh sing and play
they build and bounce
it seems every day
they grow by leaps and bounds
and the playgrounds
resound with their screams and shouts
and their little hearts pound
as they breath in and out
It's enough to make you ponder
what's this life all about
and how can they love free
without a doubt
innocent in many ways
as they live life loud

the sights the smells
are still in my mind
of course they are
I was living wide eyed
memories of family
and birds in the sky
remembering my bike
that I would ride
Track Name: Chasing Sunsets feat. One Hello World

Verse 1
I'm chasing my sunsets
I'm chasing my wish
I'm chasing my chance
at one moment of bliss
everyday it escapes
my fists and my grip
but to me, this is it this is it
but to me, this is it this is it
the beautiful things
in life they go quick
that's why I take
my time and notice
cause in less than moments
it's state is broken
know from the beginning
destiny has spoken
the world keeps spinning
a wheel I'm a spoke in
my path is my own
I roam like a Ronin
and chase sights to behold
our moments are golden

Hook #1
I want that moment
where the sunset is mine
I want that moment
where I transcend time
I want that moment
when everything is fine
I want that moment
when my chance has arrived

Verse 2
I'm chasing my sunsets
I'm chasing my light rays
I'm chasing the nimbus
mixed with a light haze
rising up sky-ways
hit with it nine ways
Madison is my place
the Isthmus and my lakes!!!
rippling in sine waves
listening in my brain
wisdom is a mind frame
stronger than a mind game
lifting till the tines break
this why my spine aches
this is what defines me
but never can confine me
a thousand times tie me
but still I would fly free
tho darkness despise me
cause I would like tie the
dawn where the rise be
...why B???
to supply for the climb
of the vine of the ivy (hook #1)

Hook #2
I had my moment
where the sunset was mine
I had my moment
where I transcended time
I had my moment
when everything was fine
I had my moment
when my chance had arrived
I had it, I grabbed it
a moment like I've planned it
but man it, ran and
I got lost across the planet
I had it, I grabbed it
a moment like I've planned it
but man it, ran and
I got lost across the planet
Track Name: Message to the Youth

see I've got a message in a scroll for you
I'll take it out unroll it and I'll show it dude
matter fact deliver I'll spit it and blow the roof
bringing back I'll give you some hope to grow in truth

Verse 1
Keep your head up
and don't look down
your future lies ahead
so stop looking at the ground
focus on the good things
and truth will be found
your pain doesn't own you
get your head out that cloud
cause love is what really
makes this world go round
keep dreaming about what's really possible now
I believe in you
tear those obstacles down
uniquely individual
not just one in a crowd
your worth is forever
you're meant to wear a crown
my hope is through this song
I remove all of your doubt, your pain?
It makes me want to shout
I'm working for the greater
and man I am devout
so my gift to rip the mic
will never hide behind a shroud
each and everyone of you
has made this emcee proud
so I wrote this song for you
yeah, I hope you play it loud
till the whole city moves
and takes the shape of these sounds

see, if the youth are our tomorrow
and we're here today
that means we have responsibility
to show the way
so I lift up this mic
and take my place on the stage
I make myself a spectacle
till my message is conveyed

Verse 2
listen to this word
don't forfeit or quit
don't concede anything
not even a little bit
strive for your best
and yup, you'll hit it kid
your problems consume
but this world is so big
you might feel doomed
but yo, hope is up in this
the darkness looms
but the light is still lit
keep peace on the inside
mute the enemies hiss
I'm dropping verbal knowledge
this song here is a gift
a present of purpose
it's meant to uplift
I hope you love life
see that's my big wish
I hope you live free
can I get a witness?
So I propose peace let's stop the sickness
learn to forgive not fighting with fists
peace surpass pain let true beauty eclipse
on high with doves is where I wanna sit
but I dream in my raps wake when the snare hits
Track Name: Cross The Horizon

Verse 1
since we were young
pain did not cease
everywhere we
look pain we see
true for all the
human species
all continents
and deep seas
in the tropics
or tundra deep freeze
in the water
and air we breath
so we look for
hope we seek peace
all that we want
is to believe
that life will switch up
pivot it's cadence and speed
maybe even lift up
with momentary release
in a zen like scene
a tranquil lake or stream
light wind or a breeze
as it blows through the trees
mindset at ease
inner being is appeased
cause the sound of leaves
drown out all disease
the reasons we grieve
broken hearts that bleed
the hims and hers
the he's she's and we's

Verse 2
life is too good
life is too great
to let it slip
or let it escape
time will tick on
then it's the grave
after that man
it's just too late
so don't dwell
on past mistakes
and do not try
to live life fake
your dreams are yours
so go give chase
put your boots on
keep them laced
then just go get up
walking and pick up your pace
let the sun shine down
bringing warmth upon your face
and when the rain falls down
keep walking on with grace
but every now and then
just stop and be amazed
at all of the beauty
set on earth for display
the story will regenerate
and go beyond your age
but a stationary mindset
will never leave one page
got to pass those skylines
horizons every day

I've walked a million paces
and crossed the horizons
and no matter what
I will always keep my eyes up
keeping hope alive
you know- something to rely on
every day I will be
walking towards triumph
Track Name: Brickcity

Verse 1
the hands of others
gave them the supplies
by the hands of others
civilization could rise
stacks and stacks
of bricks right before my eyes
yet nobody has a shelter
they live among the flies
like diamonds to fish
or pearls to swine
the whole concept
was lost on their minds
they stayed every day
with no regard for time
no reason and no logic
and I couldn't fathom why

Verse 2
down to the ground
well they're left with nothing now
desolate in desert
with no good land to plow
these people lived ignorant
individual and
unkempt and angry
if you'd approach they shout
use them bricks for ammo
chuck em and curse with their mouth
that pile was their's
they would rest on their mound
like the wisdom of the ancients
dissipated to the clouds

got a mystery
an Enigma dream
what I see
when I sleep
these lessons deep
that my mind seeks
I ponder and keep
these thoughts to teach

Brick by Brick
they built no they didn't
they just let it all-
Track Name: Liquid Reflections (Outro)

Pt. 1 - Reflections in the Rain
In every little rain drop
I see my own stare
a reflection of my life
falling down through the air
and I'm the only witness
everyone else sees theirs
it's so captivating
that my judgement impairs
I see my hope
and I see my despair
I see that I'm missing it
I see I'm aware
I see them in rivers
and right over there
they're down in this puddle
right here on the square
in the liquid crystals
of my monitors glare
in the tears you cry
cause life is not fair
they're in my coffee
as I look from my chair
these liquid reflections
are everywhere
they're truly exquisite
I watch them so close
I feel I am elsewhere
they often inspire
but yet they do tear
at all I know
and all I declare

Pt. 2 – Wisdom Blossoms
see I started with
ignorance bliss
but I always thought
there was more to all this
more to this earth
this place that I live
with the grass and the dirt
in my days as a kid
so I chose to search
took a brave type of risk
I began to observe
the way that it is
Reflected and pondered
the grave and the crypt
I looked to the sky
and the rain that it gives
I studied mathematics
and trained with the rich
I ran with poor
and lived like the glitch
in the system that vividly
tainted our itch
to live, to learn
what it is to exist
I studied the scholars
my brain to the script
I read their writings
strained at their writ
then I saw myself writing
with the same kind of wit
the same kind of knowledge
and the same kind of gift

PT. 3 – Inner Thoughts
I'm an optimistic pessimist
or maybe the other way
everyday wrestling
hit with depression
especially when Testaments
we're told to find resting in
greedy and pestilent
like cartels to Mexicans
governments slept on this
no one is settling
people get scared
run right to where weapons is
ready for wars
and send in the specialists
rather than help
we argue bout precedence
bicker on politics
fight over presidents
disunity ruining
we're at a precipice
hard to find hope
with all of the prejudice
none of it's new
we're our ancestor's kids
afraid to love
or to dance with the sick
I observe and absorb
then I process all this
turn my words into swords
when I'm stressing a bit
man it's a curse
that I'm blessed with this gift

Pt. 4 – Cycle Complete
these liquid reflections
bring water and light
but they also bring baggage
the pain and the strife
we take that all in
inner flame to ignite
a passion for now
to change and bring sight
and spread this out wide
it's my grain of delight
that will grow and unfold
in the rain of the night
and that is why
I create and write
and that is why
I create and write